Today's task: installing and using FontForge. I started out by going to and downloading the Windows installer package. (I'm using Windows 7.) Installation appeared to go fine.

Here's where the problem starts. When I start FontForge, it looks like it starts up normally, but it always crashes after a minute or so. Just enough time to save a file, maybe open a glyph, but not enough time to do any real work. Time to narrow down the problem.

When FontForge starts, it brings up an "Open Font" dialog box. I tried leaving this box open for a while. Ten minutes later and it hasn't crashed. Only two ways forward: opening an old font or making a new one. Clicking "New" brings up the Font View screen (showing the entire (empty) font). Five minutes more, no crash.

Next I try renaming the font (Element > Font Info). About half a minute later, it crashes. Some other menu items don't seem to cause a crash: editing preferences (File > Preferences), changing the view size (View > 36 pixel outline), opening online help (Help > Help), selecting all glyphs (Edit > Select > Select All).

Time to get into glyph editing. Opening a glyph for editing (by double-clicking it in Font View) appears to work fine. I tried placing a few points then moving one a little, and then FontForge crashed a few seconds later. Importing an image (File > Import) looks like it works fine, then crashes a few seconds later.


Things that appear to cause a crash:

  • renaming a font
  • placing/moving points in a glyph
  • importing an image into a glyph

No Crash

Things that don't cause a crash:

  • making a new font
  • opening a glyph for editing