Guns Beyond the Sea

August, 1892. Soldiers in the streets. Howitzers loom over the border. The great powers of Lyak are on the brink of war.

But with the return of the von Toll expedition, discovery takes the headlines. A new world to the north, the fabled lands of Anjou, untouched by human settlement.

At your daily briefing, the ministers of Commerce and Agriculture present plans for colonization. Defense presents plans for war.

The theme of the game is something of a cross between Diplomacy and Flash Gordon. (So I guess the player's role is a cross between Otto von Bismarck and Ming the Merciless...)A


Guns Beyond the Sea is a board game, played over email. Each turn, send in your orders to Once everyone's orders have arrived, they're all carried out, and the results are posted. Pages about the game are divided into three sections: