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Hello. I'm Joe Fatula, a graphic artist and game designer. Here's what people have to say about me and my designs.

About Me

Who is the Doctor Frankenstein who performed this shocking thought experiment?
Frank Jacobs, Big Think

Leaving Earth

A board game I created about the Space Race.

This game is easily one of the best games I've played in ages.
It's very, very rare when you discover a game as absolutely incredible as this game.
It's a nightmarish game in all the best ways.
Jamie, The Secret Cabal
The art is beautiful, the theme richly conveyed in every component...
I was very impressed with the game.
Sophie Lagacé, The Reef
...a tremendously creative game about going into space.
What an uncluttered presentation with such clean evocative artwork.
Tom Chick, Quarter to Three

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Caravans of Asia

A board game I created about the Silk Road.

...for those of us who enjoy a game we can really sink our teeth into, Caravans of Asia is a winner.
Jonathan Lewis, Home School Enrichment magazine