These are the purported heroes of the game, the player-characters. Each of them has a connection to one (or more) of the other characters, and each of them has a secret (or more than one).


A young nobleman from Endera, studying anything he can find about magic. He had met Luniwela at a social event some time before the game started.


A middle-aged farmwoman, owner of the farmstead Tavandêl. She had met Bazadar at a social event, hired Talu to do some work, and gave Andun a place to stay.


A blind gravedigger, ditch-digger, and all-around menial laborer. He has done some work for Luniwela at her farmstead.


A young woman from somewhere in the eastern part of the kingdom. She came to Tavandêl looking for a place to stay and Luniwela took her in. She has revealed that she is fleeing an arranged marriage.


A young blacksmith, the daughter of the blacksmith of Embelen. She had always wanted to explore the world, looking for more knowledge of her craft. One day, the people of her town found the body of Coşamar, a young man from the Yul Creek area. Following up on where he had been, she ran across the party.


A merchant, born to the horseriders of the north, but raised in the village of Tulma. She was on her way home from Barandàn, traveling over the mountain road, when she met the party.