Sickness at Sòvoldon


  • Bazadar
  • Luniwela
  • Talu
  • Andun

September 22, 2012


before the game

Talu dug up a strange stone artifact at the farmstead of Tavandêl, so Luniwela sent word to Bazadar to come and see it.

15 days before Tel ar-Ravàs (mid fall)

Luniwela and Talu started off at Tavandêl. Bazadar arrived to see the stone artifact. There was an old woman visiting the farm selling various small wares. She fled the farm, apparently stealing the stone. When the group pursued, her donkey and cart went off the road into the gully below. The old woman herself couldn't be found.

The group investigated the overturned cart and found the stone, a golden bracelet, and some broken pieces of red glass, along with various uninteresting wares. The stone felt a bit different, leading the group to suspect that it might have been switched with a different stone.

A boy showed up with a message, that a teenage girl (wild orange hair, named Sáru) was missing from Urogul.

14 days before Tel ar-Ravàs

Spent the night in the home of Ulmarac, captain of Embelen.

13 days before Tel ar-Ravàs

Traveled to Rulderen, asked about the missing girl.

12 days before Tel ar-Ravàs

Joined the funeral procession for Bazal, the earl of Sòvoldon, who died a few days earlier of some mysterious ailment.

11 days before Tel ar-Ravàs

Traveled to Sòvoldon to see what was going on. Once there, they found that the city was closed, that some disease had caused many of the people to go rabid. The group waited for nightfall, then snuck up to the citadel. Andun climbed over the gate and let everyone in. Inside, a victim of this disease attacked them and was quickly dispatched.

The episode ended as the party was about to enter the keep at the west end of the citadel.


1Finding the stone artifact.
1Attending the earl's funeral.
1Getting into Sòvoldon.
1Avoiding combat with anyone who wasn't affected by the sickness.