Items and Artifacts

This is a list of items that the party has come across and spent a lot of time discussing. An item's presence on this list doesn't mean it's important to the story, but that the party thinks it's important to the story.

the greater gifts

Ivory Ball

Two-Headed Dog of Rozdorog

A two-headed dog encountered in Rozdorog. The party slew it and Silegrend made its heads into a horrible brassiere of some kind to frighten the children.

Ring of the Lady of Sovoldon

A ring on the hand of the lady of Sovoldon, handed down through the line of earls. It looks to be silver, with a transparent pale blue stone. Talu believes it to be magical.

Ruby Cabochon from Caşa

A small cabochon made of ruby (or some other red gemstone). On it is carved a figure of a man lying down under a mountain, but the details are very fine and hard to make out. It is at Caşa's hall in Palarbor.

Gelbin's Divination Bones

Gelbin has a set of small bones that he casts for the purposes of divination. What kind of bones they are is yet undetermined.

The White Stone of Rozdorog

A white translucent stone (about seven inches across), looking like quartz. It has low bumps raised all over its surface. A symbol is carved into it that the party thinks means "fire-death", though the monk called it a stone of "undeath". The party found it embedded in a tree in the town of Rozdorog, and believes it to have animated corpses and brought many inanimate things to life in that town. The stone was taken by the monk Ospera on the plains south of Rozdorog.

The Water Stone

A stone sphere (about a foot across) with six large knobs projecting from it.A Each knob is decorated with a three-part spiral symbol (which the group now believes to be a symbol for water). Dug up at Tavandêl by Talu, stolen by the crone, recovered when her cart went off the road. She may have swapped it for a different stone, as it felt lighter, smaller, different when the party recovered it.

The party refers to this by different names: stone, hedron, and artifact.

The Bracelet

A hammered gold bracelet with writing on it in the language of the north. Found in the old woman's cart along with the stone and the shards of red glass. The writing on it says:

uškom rendats terat oldu
lagom rendat terat rulgom

Talu, with the help of two northerners met in the village of Vandar, was able to translate the writing:

striving for riches brings blood
obtaining riches brings security

The party believes it to be part of a larger treasure from an ancient king.

Red Glass

First the party found broken pieces of red glass in the old woman's cart, later they found a red glass goblet in Coseyú's hall. The broken pieces, when put together, seem to make some sort of vessel like the goblet. The goblet is very ornate, with a scene of people hunting deer molded into the glass.

The Jawbone

A human jawbone with dogs' teeth set into it, wrapped in golden wire. The group found it caught on a branch below the warriors' hall at Sòvoldon and believed it to be the cause of their mysterious illness. They broke it into pieces, then gave it to the Red Guard.

Green Pebbles

A gift from the oracle of Embelen, four small green pebbles. The voices from the water in the cave near Sòvoldon asked for one, so Talu dropped one into the water. Talu has three left.


When the old woman's cart went off the road near Tavandêl, the party found a black sooty powder in the trees overhead. A few weeks later, when Talu found Coseyú's body during the corn festival, it had a similar powder around it. The party suspects that these are the same substance.

Shield of the Pažals

A shield, leather on a wooden backing, found by the party in the fortress of Parulgu. It bore on it the names of the pažals who were loyal to Kuldis. Talu gave the shield to Rulgom after the war council.


A black kite with a serpent or dragon embroidered on it with silver thread. The party found it in the fortress of Parulgu.

Amulets of Mt. Faros

An amulet carved in bone of a seated figure, with a cord so it can be worn around the neck. Luniwela, Talu, and Andun each received one from the monks of Mt. Faros.

Under the Capstone

writing on the capstone

In the cave under the capstone near Embelen, the party found several interesting items:

  • a set of birchbark pages with writing and symbols on them
  • a skull with a golden piece over its eye socket
  • a ceramic bowl with a symbol in it, believed to mean "water"
  • a stone that feels warm to the touch, even though it was found in an icy cave