People and Factions

This is a list of all the major NPCs and factions that the party is generally aware of. I've divided it into two parts: people the party has met during the game, and people who remain unmet or who have had no time "on-stage".


The Captain of Embelen

Ulmarac, a middle-aged man from the Hazara clan. He's the patron of Embelen and the surrounding farmsteads, such as Tavandêl. The party has stayed in his hall numerous times.

The Lady of Sòvoldon

Luri, a middle-aged woman. Ruler of the city of Sòvoldon (and surrounding villages) since the death of her husband, the earl Bazal. She has been officially grateful to the party for clearing out the illness in Sòvoldon, but as they had to kill her rabid son Còşamar to do it, she hasn't been very warm and welcoming to them ever since. She gave the party warm blue-grey cloaks as a gift at the corn festival.

Tugam is her major-domo, handling interactions with the party.


Formerly the head of the warriors of Sòvoldon, he fled the city after the source of the illness was discovered. When the party caught up with him on the rocky plain of Sòvoldon Yard, he confessed to having purchased the jawbone (thinking it would bring strength to the city).


The people of Urògul live to the west of Sòvoldon. They are in conflict with Sòvoldon.

A messenger from Urògul was traveling around looking for Sáru, a teenage girl, two weeks before the corn festival.

The Crone

An old woman. Visited Tavandêl in the guise of a traveling tinker about two weeks before the corn festival (tel ar-ravàs). Stole the hedron. The party pursued, seeing her to be much nimbler than they expected. Her donkey and cart went off the road, falling into the ravine of Yul Creek, while she couldn't be found.

There's suspicion that this is the same old woman who sold a potion of healing to the earl of Sòvoldon, and who sold the jawbone to Marost.

The Bounty Hunter

A middle-aged man, greying hair in a topknot, missing his left eye. He left some kind of poison to incapacitate the party, questioned them about the treasure, then fled when they put up a fight.

The Red Guard

The personal warrior companions of the king. Three of them came to investigate the sickness of Sòvoldon. They took the broken pieces of the jawbone from the party and rode off.

The Oracle

Sargazèl, an older woman with frizzy grey hair. People in the Embelen area consult her for guidance from the nature spirits on everyday life, particularly in agricultural matters. The party consulted her to learn the whereabouts of Marost after he fled from Sòvoldon.

The Hawk

A hawk who can turn into a man. He came to the cave where the party found Marost. According to him, the old woman has been watching the city of Sòvoldon for some time. He says the waters in the cave near Sòvoldon are healing waters that his people use.

The Gnomes

A group of creatures living in the hills north of Mt. Faros. They are apparently leatherworkers and new to the area. They've been called by several names during the game: gnomes, goblins, monkey people, and hyirra (a term they used for themselves).

Monastery of Mt. Faros

The monks tend to the shrine of the holy mountain of Faros, a few miles south of Tavandêl. The party came to their aid just before the corn festival, rescuing one of them (a boy named Uli) who had been kidnapped by the creatures in the hills.


A group of bandits who had taken up residence at Coseyú's orchard, got into a fight with the party. Four days later, Luniwela returned their horses to them in exchange for them leaving the Yul Creek area.


The King

Marênd, the king of Càmbramor. A young man, 17 years old. King since the death of his father Mordroc the winter before the game began. During the corn festival.

The Horseriders

A tribe of people that live in the northern parts of Càmbramor and once ruled over the whole kingdom generations ago.