Volsin Space Pals!

Welcome to the galactic interweb page for all our awesome space pals!

A Sample Agreement

Every agreement has a title, like the one above!

This is how the text of the agreement looks!

Obviously we're agreeing to these agreements, otherwise they wouldn't be on our interweb page! Each agreement has a list of all of you who are on board (unless of course none of you are on board yet)! Here's how one of those lists looks:

  • sample person A
  • sample person B

An Investment in Your Name on Today's Date

Here's the template we use for agreeing to invest:

We're sending you current investment this turn, making our total investment in you total investment! Your new interest rate with us is interest rate! You're joining in our agreements entitled "How Interest Payments Work", "How Investments Are Repaid", and "Friendly Behavior"!

We invite you to take a look at those agreements!